Monday, April 4, 2011


For the first seven years of our marriage I was the primary dishwasher at our household. Soon after Preston was born it was high time to replace me as the dishwasher. I was more than worn out by 10:00p.m. each night as I began the washing and waiting for the worn out Scott to arrive home from school on the crappy bus from SLC with a headache. (Ha those days of school are over!) We finally got a portable dishwasher that saved me at least an hour of washing a day. That baby blew up a few years ago and was replaced with a free dishwasher that worked until last fall. Once again one to two hours of my precious day have been spent washing dishes by hand. Why not have the boys do it you ask? Our kitchen is make shift with the remodel that starts and stops with the amount of money and time allotted to it. They would ruin the unfinished cabinets on either side of the sink with dripping water. A few weeks ago I was more than done with my precious time eaten up by washing dishes. Scott being Scott had purchased two Asko dishwashers for $100.00 from KSL shortly after the dishwasher went out but we had decided to reconfigure our base cabinet that houses the dishwasher. That would take several hours to build before we could install our "new" Asko. Hence the wait of six months. Where would Scott find the time? One to build the cabinet and two to install the dishwasher? With working for himself for so long and then securing his fancy new job there hasn't been any extra time. When is there extra time? After six months of waiting I had a brilliant idea. A deadline. He is always working against a deadline at his day job and with his side jobs. I gave him 9 days to get the dishwasher in and working or I was moving out to our psuedoparents house. I felt bad saying it because the poor guy is so overworked as it is. He made time to build the cabinet and installed the dishwasher with a blazing migraine two days before the deadline. He put everyone else's job on hold to do mine. I was more happy to not have to move out than I was about having a dishwasher. The dishwasher worked once and then it wouldn't drain. Oh! hades! He spent a few hours over the next days trying to figure it out. He finally said my time is worth more than this. Let's just get a crappy cheap dishwaher from RC Willey and be done with it! No, no, no. Scott can fix anything what was he saying? I went to RC Willey today and looked at the crappy $300.00 machines. No, no, no!!!!I want my snobby Asko and if he looked at these pieces of hud he would to. I reasoned it out with him. I asked him to give it one more try. He robbed the pump from the second uninstalled dishwasher and wah lah. I now have my snobby $50.00 working Asko. And another snobby $50.00 parts Asko in the drive. Don't come and steal it because the pump is gone and we will need to rob parts from it in the future.


Kimberlinah! said...

So glad you updated!!! :) I'm glad you have your "snobby dishwasher". And I'm so glad you didn't have to move out either!! Good idea to give a deadline. Way to go, Shannon!

Becca said...

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