Monday, August 2, 2010


I do my best not to go out with all three anymore. Scott's parents live a 20 minute drive from the closest grocery. I needed a few things and decided to chance it on the way to their house from my sister's. The boys took in their rainbow umbrellas that they had just gotten from Aunt Laurie. Of course they soon became swords and were yelled at by a customer. I of course became firm with them down on eye level when all of a sudden Garrett yelled, "Mom Clare" who took the opportunity to stand in the seat of the shopping cart and smile at all who passed the "don't you watch your kids mom." Preston sulked the rest of the quick walk through the store and Garrett pushed the cart which kept him occupied. Clare would not let me touch the cart after being pushed by Garrett.
Any time I take all three anymore it is a circus with them doing tricks down the isles. Or war with guns as they jump under close racks, and roll out to the next hiding spot. I pretend like they are not my kids.
Taking them singly is a joy. Clare bounces in the seat of the cart laughing. Garrett actually helps me. And Preston talks and talks so happy to have all my attention. I hope that was the last time I am ever so desperate that I chance taking all three in with me.


Jen I said...

I AGREE. I took all three last week and quickly was reminded why I never do it.

Kahilau said...

AMEN sister! Today we went bowling, the kids had a blast, I AM EXHAUSTED! Your leaving means I am desperate enough to take all 3 more often now. WHEN ARE YOU COMING HOME! Ha ha. Love you!

Kimi said...

Clare's fat.

leah said...

I am with you too. I just make my kids sit inside the cart squished and whining. Garrett and Preston might be a little big for that. Miss you.