Monday, April 26, 2010


Somehow one of those hens from a friend turned into a Rooster. I just kept thinking as soon as Scott is through with school we will take care of it. He was getting pretty annoying at 4 a.m. and I would put him in a box until mid morning. I didn't do this two mornings in a row and was surprised to not hear the rooster on the third morning. He was stiff and cold on the floor of the coop when I went to collect eggs. With the warm weather, people leaving their windows open, I assume someone got real tired of it and wrung it's neck in the early morning. Of all the birds that one dead? I could be wrong. Nature could have taken it but I doubt it. It's kind of freaky thinkin' of someone walking into the coop and wringing the poor birds neck.
If a bird ever has the misfortune of turning into a rooster in my coop again I will make sure it becomes soup long before someone gets mad enough to waste it.


Kahilau said...

I love you! That is hilarious! Surely it was not "the naughtiest girl in the whole wide world"??? Surely! Oh my, I am still laughing. Thanks for making my night!

shelese said...

You are too funny :) I love it!

The Wigginton Family said...

You're kidding, right? That's hilarious and kind of sad at the same time! HOpe you're all doing well!

leah said...

Um now I am wondering who rung that poor roosters neck?

Preston is so cute. Love the previous post.