Monday, April 4, 2011


For the first seven years of our marriage I was the primary dishwasher at our household. Soon after Preston was born it was high time to replace me as the dishwasher. I was more than worn out by 10:00p.m. each night as I began the washing and waiting for the worn out Scott to arrive home from school on the crappy bus from SLC with a headache. (Ha those days of school are over!) We finally got a portable dishwasher that saved me at least an hour of washing a day. That baby blew up a few years ago and was replaced with a free dishwasher that worked until last fall. Once again one to two hours of my precious day have been spent washing dishes by hand. Why not have the boys do it you ask? Our kitchen is make shift with the remodel that starts and stops with the amount of money and time allotted to it. They would ruin the unfinished cabinets on either side of the sink with dripping water. A few weeks ago I was more than done with my precious time eaten up by washing dishes. Scott being Scott had purchased two Asko dishwashers for $100.00 from KSL shortly after the dishwasher went out but we had decided to reconfigure our base cabinet that houses the dishwasher. That would take several hours to build before we could install our "new" Asko. Hence the wait of six months. Where would Scott find the time? One to build the cabinet and two to install the dishwasher? With working for himself for so long and then securing his fancy new job there hasn't been any extra time. When is there extra time? After six months of waiting I had a brilliant idea. A deadline. He is always working against a deadline at his day job and with his side jobs. I gave him 9 days to get the dishwasher in and working or I was moving out to our psuedoparents house. I felt bad saying it because the poor guy is so overworked as it is. He made time to build the cabinet and installed the dishwasher with a blazing migraine two days before the deadline. He put everyone else's job on hold to do mine. I was more happy to not have to move out than I was about having a dishwasher. The dishwasher worked once and then it wouldn't drain. Oh! hades! He spent a few hours over the next days trying to figure it out. He finally said my time is worth more than this. Let's just get a crappy cheap dishwaher from RC Willey and be done with it! No, no, no. Scott can fix anything what was he saying? I went to RC Willey today and looked at the crappy $300.00 machines. No, no, no!!!!I want my snobby Asko and if he looked at these pieces of hud he would to. I reasoned it out with him. I asked him to give it one more try. He robbed the pump from the second uninstalled dishwasher and wah lah. I now have my snobby $50.00 working Asko. And another snobby $50.00 parts Asko in the drive. Don't come and steal it because the pump is gone and we will need to rob parts from it in the future.

Monday, August 2, 2010


I do my best not to go out with all three anymore. Scott's parents live a 20 minute drive from the closest grocery. I needed a few things and decided to chance it on the way to their house from my sister's. The boys took in their rainbow umbrellas that they had just gotten from Aunt Laurie. Of course they soon became swords and were yelled at by a customer. I of course became firm with them down on eye level when all of a sudden Garrett yelled, "Mom Clare" who took the opportunity to stand in the seat of the shopping cart and smile at all who passed the "don't you watch your kids mom." Preston sulked the rest of the quick walk through the store and Garrett pushed the cart which kept him occupied. Clare would not let me touch the cart after being pushed by Garrett.
Any time I take all three anymore it is a circus with them doing tricks down the isles. Or war with guns as they jump under close racks, and roll out to the next hiding spot. I pretend like they are not my kids.
Taking them singly is a joy. Clare bounces in the seat of the cart laughing. Garrett actually helps me. And Preston talks and talks so happy to have all my attention. I hope that was the last time I am ever so desperate that I chance taking all three in with me.

Monday, June 14, 2010


Preston said, "Mom I want to see what it is like to protect girls."
"Because then I can punch someone. Even though my arms are wimpy."
"Your arms are wimpy?"
"Yah, Aidan felt my muscles and said they were squishy."

Preston is a prize!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Wood Floors

I have awoken from a deep sleep on a number of occasions to a dancing boy trying to find the bathroom in the middle of the night. I have found them dancing in their closet, in the front hall closet, in the hallway, in the bathtub, in the living room. Scott and I jumped up at the same time tonight when we heard the stream of pee from their bedroom. There wasn't even a dance this time. I walked in to Preston standing in the middle of the floor finishing his business and then he jumped right back into bed. Not a word was spoken.
Once again I sing my praises to real wood floors. When looking for our house I requested wood floors and a working wood fireplace. They are so cleanable. I say real wood because laminates (i.e. pergo) would not withstand 72 years of use as these floors have.
This is a discussion Scott the Architect and I have often. Without the permanence of families living in the same home or same area as was once the norm people don't necessarily look into long term products for their homes. Short term solutions are typically less expensive and continue the cycle of poor quality homes.
The trend will change, people will tire of disposable homes, and we will think long term quality solutions once again and Scott will be your Architect.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


With the few spare seconds I have in my head lately to think about free time I wonder what we did our first years of marriage. We have always been busy. But the last 10 years have sped increasingly faster. I can't remember conversations I had yesterday. My mind is so full that it pushes out even important information. There have been two instances this year when I was truly scared at my loss of information. One when I couldn't remember my SS #. And two when I could not remember Scott's work #. Both pieces of information that are always there. I tried and tried to find it in my memory but there were only empty spots when I searched. Truly a terrifying experience. I have always had an incredible memory.
Reading a friends blog has reminded me of those days when we traveled through Spain, Portugal, and Morocco. Our honeymoon to Italy. The vacation in Greece. Those were lucky, lazy, hard earned vacations. In the last 10 years of very hard work, school, and child rearing, the breaks have been very far and few between. A luxury has been to actually spend a Saturday or Holiday together without working.
I don't need a European vacation now (of course it would be nice). I just need time with Scotty and the kids. Looking forward to our much needed Washington break.

Oh! the struggles we Americans have? We have it so good!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all. It started off with a bang. I was able to sleep in until 7:45 when I heard Clare going into a breath holding spell and jumped out of bed to grab her before she hit the floor. Garrett and Scott made breakfast (they even ground fresh flour for the pancakes) and Scott's parents were able to eat with us. I spent the morning Relief Societing as Sunday Mornings go for me now. Preston complained of not feeling well before church. What's new? He ended up asleep under the bench with a fever by the end of sacrament meeting. Scott went home with the two sick young ones for a glorious nap had by all. Garrett and I slowly walked home from church holding hands. We came home to Preston still fevered. Clare slept for five hours before Scott walked quietly into the room to get something and was hit by a wall of stench. The poor girl had the biggest blow out EVER (still asleep) all up the front of her chest and all up the back. She was carried half asleep to me in Scott's outstretched arms. "I can't handle this one!" he said, almost heaving. Ah, I'm THE MOM! it's all in a day for me, nothin' new. (To Scott's credit he changes Clare's poopy diaper almost every morning.) When a child is sick at our house they get special treatment, all the movies they want. They watched, How to Train Your Dragon ( sent by Uncle Andrew in China). I was so tired I fell asleep in the chair in the living room.
Oh! the lovely mother's day dinner, lest you wonder, was a delicious instant cup of soup. I heated the water myself. Awe, before you all go feeling sorry for me, we did have kahlua pig for lunch and no one wanted dinner. And....... Great Scott kept the house clean all day and the kids as happy as can be. Really, it was a wonderful day.
I write this because of what a sister in our ward said about journal keeping in her lesson. Sometimes she only writes a sentence. I think of our past 12 years of marriage and really wish I would have written even just a sentence more often. I want our kids to remember and know what a day was like for us. And hope that it will be of help to them.

Monday, April 26, 2010


Somehow one of those hens from a friend turned into a Rooster. I just kept thinking as soon as Scott is through with school we will take care of it. He was getting pretty annoying at 4 a.m. and I would put him in a box until mid morning. I didn't do this two mornings in a row and was surprised to not hear the rooster on the third morning. He was stiff and cold on the floor of the coop when I went to collect eggs. With the warm weather, people leaving their windows open, I assume someone got real tired of it and wrung it's neck in the early morning. Of all the birds that one dead? I could be wrong. Nature could have taken it but I doubt it. It's kind of freaky thinkin' of someone walking into the coop and wringing the poor birds neck.
If a bird ever has the misfortune of turning into a rooster in my coop again I will make sure it becomes soup long before someone gets mad enough to waste it.